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Brazilian Espresso

Brazilian Espresso

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Specialty quality coffee for everyday celebration: aromatic and delicate, with notes of milk chocolate and almonds. It is a seasonal coffee, which means it changes depending on the period. However, we always choose it so that it tastes equally good.

The current Brazilian beans are: Brazil Mogiana

Country of origin Brazil
Espresso roast profile (medium)
Process Natural
Region Cajuru (Alta Mogiana)
Flavor profile: Nuts, chocolate, vanilla
Variety Catuaí
Height 900 m n.p.m.
Weight 250g, 500g, 1kg

Perfect for: automatic coffee machine, portafilter coffee maker, traditional method (pour-over). Thanks to the omni roasting profile, it also works great in pour-overs.

Unflavored coffee, whose flavor profile comes from the type of grain used, country of origin, variety and processing, including: 500g and 1kg packages differ in color and shape.

Our packaging is compostable and the labels are made of paper.

We had it on request. Write in "ordering instructions" in the cart.

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