MIGA brewing better world

  • We are a local specialty coffee roastery from Racibórz. We look for the best coffee beans and take responsibility for them. We burn them so that the planet is least affected. We strive to leave a positive impact in everything we do.

    Wojciech Kaminski
    Arabica Q Grader, WCEP SCA Judge

  • We roast our beans in a Giesen 15 craft oven. We have full laboratory facilities on site for all measurements such as humidity, density, color and degree of coffee roasting. Thanks to this, we control every stage of coffee production.

  • We were probably the first roastery in Poland to introduce compostable packaging for our coffee.

    We filter more than just coffee. We continue our commitment to a green and clean earth by using our electrostatic system to remove smoke and odors before releasing the air from the roasting process back into the atmosphere.

  • This year will be the year in which we set another goal in small steps and enter the transparency of purchase prices, cooperating directly with farmers and honest importers.