New year, new plans. Last year, we were probably the first roastery in Poland to introduce fully compostable packaging. As a beginner roaster, it wasn't easy for us.

This year will be the year in which we set another goal in small steps and enter the transparency of purchase prices, cooperating directly with farmers and honest importers.

We do this because we believe the need for transparency in the coffee world is becoming more and more important. Today, the price of coffee on the C market is lower than the cost of coffee production, and farmers often do not have adequate funds for future investments in infrastructure, technology and their employees, which translates into the quality of coffee, availability and the entire production chain and people themselves. and their families.

We publish prices not to show margins and wonder who earned how much. We realize that this is not an entirely ideal method and not everything is clear. But we think that the publication of these data will be the beginning of a discussion on this topic. We also do this so that farmers selling high-quality coffee, who may not be aware of what others pay for similar coffees in the market, can use it as a tool or benchmark when negotiating their prices.

Just like the controversial publication of coffee prices at SCA outlets. In our opinion, it is not about each coffee scoring perfectly, but about providing some transparency and the ability to check the farmer, the importer and the coffee roastery itself. When placing points, everyone should take responsibility for them, being aware of when they were posted and by whom.

From this year we are an applicant for membership in Roasters United. This is a group of European coffee roasters committed to working directly with small farmer cooperatives to promote high-quality, organically grown coffees.

We have also started internal preparations for B-Corp certification. The B Corp movement is created by companies that operate in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, move away from a business model based only on profit maximization and actively work for the benefit of the environment and society.


FOB price, i.e. "Free on Board", is a term defining the price for coffee already packed and placed in a container that is delivered to the ship. This price is expressed in prices per pound (lb), where one pound equals 453 grams of green coffee. We currently use prices per kilogram on our website. We use this type of pricing because it is a common pricing method and has been adopted as the standard for communicating pricing under The Pledge initiative.

2023 Transparency report - in progress