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Indonesia Flores Lot 5

Indonesia Flores Lot 5

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We are happy to welcome the return of our favorite coffee from Indonesia, Flores Mbohang, which is now on its next flight no. 5. This is a beautiful example of yeast fermentation, which not only highlights the character of the origin, but also increases the level of complexity of the flavor. In this coffee you can feel notes of raspberry, pineapple, fig and cinnamon, which are combined with delicate, fruity acidity and a round body.

Coffees from Asia evoke extreme emotions: you either love them or hate them. They are characterized by strong spice notes, subdued fruitiness and delicate earthiness, which gives them a uniqueness sought by many.

Perfect for: drip, aeropress, French press, Chemex (alternative methods) and drip coffee machines.

Our packaging is compostable and the labels are made of paper.


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Perfect for: drip, aeropress, French press, Chemex (alternative methods) and pour-over coffee machines. Our packaging is compostable and the labels are made of paper.

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Country of origin Indonesia
Filter roast profile (light)
Anaerobic Yeast Natural Process
Ruteng region , Manggarai region, Flores Island, Indonesia
Flavor profile: Pineapple, cinnamon, raspberries, praline
Yellow Caturra, Typica & Kartika variety
Height 1500 m above sea level
Weight 200g


It all started in 2014 when Andre Tuanga decided to leave his job in Jakarta and go to Flores to work with farmers in Flores Manggarai. Previously, it was rare to find coffee in this region that was not mixed with coffee from other regions such as Sumatra, Java or Toraja. Farmers were undervalued and suffered from limited market access and unfair payment systems. Social and environmental projects related to this group and its coffee production include: financing energy infrastructure in the Mbohang area; scholarships for farmers' employees and children to pursue higher education; zero interest loans for farmers and workers


The coffee cherries are harvested and then sent to Ruteng for processing. They are then graded for quality and a starter culture is added, after which the cherries are placed in tanks for anaerobic fermentation for approximately 240-360 hours. The pH level of the liquid is measured every morning while the coffee is still in the tanks. The fermented cherries then go to a dryer for about 7-8 weeks until the moisture content of the green grain drops to 10%. They are then stored in tightly closed bags and rested for about 3 months. Finally, the coffee is sorted and packaged.


Mbohang is the name of the village where the coffee plantation is located. The name "mbohang" comes from the words "mbo" meaning valley and "hang" meaning food or rest. The area is shaded and is a good place to rest after a long walk. Mbohang is located in a valley in the central part of the Manggarai region. Local people have been growing coffee trees since the 1980s in the Mbohang forest area.

The farm employs 42 permanent workers and 98 seasonal workers during the harvest months from April to August. The farm has an area of ​​600 hectares and 1,500 m above sea level and grows yellow caturra, typica and kartika.

Coffee trees have many leaves and are well spaced from each other. Farmers use dried grass, leaves and crushed cherry peels from the processing site as organic fertilizer. Pruning is done only when necessary and trees are kept to a height of approximately 1.8 meters.