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Ethiopia Duwancho

Ethiopia Duwancho

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Incredibly aromatic and complex with a floral-tropical profile. The taste includes mango, passion fruit, orange peel, a bit of bourbon and notes of spices. Well balanced and with a long fruity finish.


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Perfect for: drip, aeropress, French press, Chemex (alternative methods) and pour-over coffee machines. Our packaging is compostable and the labels are made of paper.

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Country of origin Ethiopia
Filter roast profile (light)
Natural process
Keramo village region , Bensa
Flavor profile: mango, passion fruit, vanilla
Heirloom variety
Altitude 2100 -2200 m above sea level
SCA Score 89 (farm), 87,75 (miga)
Weight 200g


Duwancho is a fruit found in the Keramo area of ​​Sidama State. This coffee is a micro-batch from the Keramo area and has been named "Duwancho" due to its amazing fruity cup profile.
Daye Bensa farmers in the Keramo village area have made great contributions to cherry production. This batch, like many of the micro lots produced by Daye Bensa, are small, limited productions, allowing the company to truly prioritize quality over volume in this case.


Immediately after the coffee is received at the washing station, it is sorted using the floating "water" method in terms of quality and density. Floating fruits (unripe) are separated from ripe cherries. The ripe cherry is then transferred to tables and dried for 13-15 days.
This batch comes to us in cooperation with the exporter Daye Bensa. Daye Bensa is a largely community-focused organization that aims to provide additional bonuses to farmers and rewards its farmers year after year for consistency in both quantity and quality.


Traceability is extremely important when producing micro-lots. Once the cherries are received, they are separated by town, and then the coffee is kept separate while drying, processing and storing, with labels giving delivery dates, farm name, batch number and more details related to the specific batch. There is also a farmer program under which farmers receive an off-season payment in addition to the harvest fee. In addition, Daye Bensa works with school principals in the villages surrounding the farms to provide students with basic school materials.