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Colombia - Passion Fruit

Colombia - Passion Fruit

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Kolejna propozycja niesamowitej kawy "na sterydach" dzięki innowacyjnemu procesowi fermentacji beztlentowej z użyciem owoców maracuii, bardzo wyraźna o owocowej kwasowości, wyczuwalnych mocnych nutach maracuii i mango.


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Perfect for: drip, aeropress, French press, Chemex (alternative methods) and pour-over coffee machines. Our packaging is compostable and the labels are made of paper. We have them on request. Write in "ordering instructions" in the cart..

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Country of origin Colombia
Filter roast profile (light)
Pasion Fruit processing
Monteblanco Farm / Rodrigo Sanchez
Caturra Purple variety
Altitude 2100 -2200 m above sea level
SCA score 87.5
Weight 200g

passion fruit, mango, tamarillo


For this process Caturra Purple was chosen because of its versatility in the preparation of any process. Thanks to its great sweetness it allows the microorganisms to have an optimal area to work, where some of them are extracted as lactobacillus, saccharomyses and cerevisiae. Then they begin to be cultivated separately with further addition of passion fruit and a local fruit -
cholupa, (also known as stone granadilla). This mixture is fermented for 8 days.
After that, 80 liters of the obtained materials are added to the depulped coffee placed insidethe 200 liters plastic baskets that are totally sealed. Here the fermentation lasts for another150 hours. The next step is cleaning from the remains of mucilage, followed by drying for 18-20 days. Beans are stored in the bags for one or two months. Before sending for export, they
are cleaned using a huller machine.


Monteblanco farm is located in the Municipality of Acevedo, San Adolfo Jurisdiction in the
village of La Tocora, surrounded by the natural national park Cueva de los Guácharos.
Monteblanco is located within an average temperature between 16 and 22 degrees, with a
luminosity of 1700 hours per year that allows the light to be used for the crops. Soils are mainly
of volcanic origin, rich in nitrogen. The farm is often hidden by the white clouds descending
from the peaks, which is why it got its name.
Monteblanco is a family farm run by Rodrigo Sánchez Valencia, continuing the tradition started
by his grandfather. On an area of ​​14 hectares, he cultivates varieties such as Geisha, Pink
Bourbon, Pacamara, Caturra Purple and Caturra Red. A part of the farm is also set aside for
coffee drying and a washing processing station. In addition, there is a cooler that guarantees a
stable temperature of 10 to 14 degrees °C for the realization of cold fermentation.

In addition to Monteblanco, Rodrigo has 2
more farms: La Loma and El Progreso and to
manage them the company Aromas del Sur
was created. In 2017, he and his team built a
cupping lab on La Loma to handle sample
roasting, crop evaluation, and sourcing at
In 2017 and 2018, Monteblanco coffee took
first and second place, respectively, in the
Yara Champion Program, and in 2019 it won
Roasters United.